In the ongoing exchange of rising duties stemming from the recent U.S. steel and aluminum actions, Mexico’s Official Gazette published the decree with the list of products subject to retaliatory tariffs that Mexico is imposing to U.S. steel and farm products.

Here is a general overview of these changes.

Policy proposals floated in a changing landscape for the United States could have far-reaching effects, especially on import tariffs into the U.S. Are exporters—particularly in Mexico and China—looking at increased trade tariffs of up to 35 percent?

In order for the new administration to offset a potential reduction in the corporate tax rate, they will have to consider all vehicles for acquiring revenue, especially those that would facilitate a move in the direction of turning the U. S. to a net exporter, according to an analyst with Integration Point. “We are so active within many trade organizations working with lawmakers to determine the next course of action,” said Joe Passalaqua, Integration Point Manager-Senior Accounts, “We are also positioning ourselves to have solutions ready for our client base as the tides change across the international trade community.”