Turning Your Data Into Insights

July 2017 Webcast Q&A Wrap-Up

 Presented by Virginia Thompson

Vice-President – Product Management, Integration Point


Virginia spoke about Integration Point Global Trade Visibility (GTV) solution, which allows companies instant real-time visibility into global import and export activity. By providing a single, consolidated view of all declaration data, GTV facilitates “Big Data” analysis to identify savings, manage compliance risks and improve supply chain performance.

Q: ­Where is the broker information pulling from?­

A: Most brokers have internal systems that can generate an electronic feed of data that represents the same basic data that they transmit to Customs in a given country plus additional information (such as SKU numbers, business unit, etc.). Exactly what information is in that system varies from broker to broker and is dependent upon a given importer's SOP's with the broker.  If they are unable to generate the data in an electronic (EDI) file but can pull it out in a spreadsheet format, we can upload Excel files into GTV as well.