As of November 14, 2013, a total of 375 American companies and associations have added their names to the Generalized System of Preferences (GSP) program Supporter List, calling for the immediate renewal of the GSP program. Congress allowed the legal authorization of the GSP program to expire on July 31, 2013.

The organizations calling upon Congress to renew the GSP program are incredibly diverse. They include companies and associations that are headquarted in 40 states (plus Washington, DC), import from more than a quarter of GSP-eligible countries, and garner GSP savings from as little as $1000 to millions of dollars per year.

As a result of the GSP expiration, these American companies now face an estimated $2 million per day in new taxes.

Click here to access the full article, which allows companies who are not yet on the list, the ability to add their name. These companies can also answer a survey, being used to learn about the impacts of GSP expiration.

Integration Point and US Customs & Border Protection will present a free, educational webcast, “US CBP Update:  One US Government at the Border Trade Transformation Initiative” on Wednesday, December 11, 2013 at 2:00 p.m. EST.

The 60-minute webcast will include an update on the One US Government at the Border Initiative, the steps being taken to achieve a holistic approach to border management, and the vision of a single window for Government and the trade community.

During the webcast Cynthia Whittenburg, Executive Director, Trade Policy and Programs, Office of International Trade, CBP; and Susan Dyszel, Chief, International Trade Data System, ACE Business Office (ABO), Office of International Trade, CBP, will provide an overview of the key points of the One U.S. Government at the Border initiative as well as the PGA message set in ACE.

During the webcast, attendees will also be able to:

  • Learn what the One US Government at the Border initiative means for you, CBP and PGAs
  • Understand the connection between the One U.S. Government at the Border initiative and the “Single Window”
  • Learn how the PGA Message Set will enable the “Single Window” to function
  • Understand how the PGA Message Set will be used in the EPA and FSIS pilots
  • Understand how you can get involved in the PGA Message Set pilots and ACE Cargo Release
  • Hear updates on CBP's expansion of system to system data exchanges to additional PGAs and CBP’s efforts on the Document Image System, which will allow CBP and PGA personnel to share information in an automated manner for the release of legitimate imported goods

A Q&A session will follow the webcast, and dialogue will continue here on the Global Trade News blog.

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On Friday, November 15, US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Acting Commissioner Thomas Winkowski announced the appointment of a new CBP User Fee Advisory Committee. The Committee is assembled of 17 members that represent the trade and travel industries that pay a customs, immigration, or agriculture user fee. According to, the Committee will advise the Commissioner of CBP on issues related to trade and immigration user fees, port staffing levels, and inspectional services.

As noted in the Committee’s Charter, they will report directly to the Secretary of Homeland Security through Commissioner Winkowski.

The full list of the Committee members can be accessed here.

The new members will serve until June 2015.