WASHINGTON—International trade grew in FY2017 as U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) incorporated innovation and implemented new technologies to expedite goods entering the country, according to the agency. In its annual Trade and Travel Report released on Feb. 13, CBP detailed statistics on duties and tariffs, as well as import processing.

“CBP officers are charged with accomplishing two very important missions—securing the United States borders and facilitating legitimate trade and travel. CBP saw record numbers for air international arrivals and increases in cargo processed and trade enforcement in FY2017,” said CBP Acting Commissioner Kevin McAleenan. “The continued growth in trade and travel has challenged CBP to work not only harder, but smarter: incorporating new technologies and new innovations into our daily operations.”

The full FY2017 Trade and Travel Report is available Here.

Best Practices for Customs Valuation in APAC

Tuesday, Feb. 27, 2 p.m.  China Standard Time (CST)

Douglas Mackay, VAT & Customs Director of APAC at Lear Corporation

Multinational companies participating in cross-border transactions face difficulties with the valuation of goods. Problems often arise when transactions between related parties are subject to both Customs and fiscal examinations and are bound by different rules and contradictory interests.

Join Integration Point for a FREE 60-minute webcast on recent trends in Customs valuation and transfer pricing as well as the challenges faced with royalty agreements in Asia.

 Douglas Mackay, VAT & Customs Director of APAC at Lear Corporation, will discuss:

  • Updates on Customs’ positions across the region towards transfer pricing
  • How transfer pricing adjustments are treated by Customs in determining value across different countries
  • Recent developments and advisory opinions released by the World Customs Organization
  • Updates on recent developments regarding royalties

A Q&A session will follow the webcast.

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