On May 24, U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) issued CSMS 18-000360, “Upcoming ACE Enhancements Announced.” Back in February of this year, CBP finished the last of the seven major scheduled core ACE deployments. And now CBP has received $30 million in funding for fiscal year (FY) 2018 to dedicate to enabling ACE enhancements.

The Customs Commercial Operations Advisory Committee (COAC) informs all of CBP’s goals and priorities, including which ACE enhancements will receive funding during FY 2018. Of course, the agency also engages with industry and congressional stakeholders in making these decisions.

Here are three key areas that will receive funding for ACE enhancements:

  • Section 321/TFTEA enabling automation. The Trade Facilitation and Trade Enforcement ACE (TFTEA) raised the value of shipments eligible to be entered under Section 321, de minimis from $200 to $800. This enhancement, which was a priority for the broker community, will create an additional pathway to clearance via development of an Entry Type 86 for ABI submission. This helps automate data collection, improve import safety and security, and provide greater visibility into low value shipments.
  • Electronic CBP Form 5106. This enhancement will support requirements made by TFTEA and executive order 13785 to automate and update data elements captured in ACE for CBP Form 5106 (CBPF 5106), which is the Importer ID Input Record. This update will increase trade security by allowing more detailed importer information to be captured for advanced risk analysis. 
  • Modernizing Foreign Trade Zone (e214) process in ACE. Electronic CBP Form 214 (e214) in ACE will be redesigned. The updated form will incorporate Partner Government Agency (PGA) requirements into e214. The admission process for foreign-trade zones (FTZs) will be greatly streamlined because the trade can submit PGA data simultaneously via the PGA Message Set transaction set or the Document Image System (DIS) when reporting the admission of goods into an FTZ.

The following areas will also receive funding in FY 2018:

  • Creation of Unique Identifiers for Centers of Excellence and Expertise
  • Transitioning to Broker National Permit
  • Modernizing vessel management, via Vessel Agent Account Type
  • Streamlining and modernizing truck processing, via a non-intrusive inspection program
  • Updating Generalized System of Preferences (GSP)
  • Manifest update to include shipper phone number
  • Electronic vessel manifest confidentiality request

You can click here to learn more about each enhancement and its benefits. In the future, CBP will also release a development and deployment schedule. Continue to check cbp.gov/ace for updates.