The US Foreign-Trade Zone Board has released the 2013 Report, and the news is good – use of Foreign-Trade Zones is growing.  You can find the full report here but below are a few key statistics we thought were interesting.

  • 177 Active Zones
  • 289 Zones considered to be active production sites
  • 23 Zones were reorganized under the Alternate Site Framework (ASF)
  • 65 applications and notifications were approved for new or expanded production authority
  • Value of admissions in all FTZs is over $835 billion
  • About 65% of shipments received at FTZs involve domestic status merchandise
  • Exports from FTZs were at $79 billion
  • Currently 390,000 people are employed in FTZs by 3,050 companies
  • Top 5 states for Exports from a Zone were Texas, Louisiana, South Carolina, Mississippi and Florida
  • Top 5 states for Imports into a Zone were Texas, Louisiana, Tennessee, California, and Kentucky

If we look back just one year and compare 2013 numbers to 2012, we see that all areas have increased especially value of admissions which has increased by over $103 billion, and exports from zones – which were at an all-time record last year, have increased again by $9 billion dollars.

As use of FTZs continues to grow, companies are looking for better ways to manage zone processes.  If you are not currently participating in a zone, check out the ROI calculator to find out the types of savings you could realize through participating in the US FTZ program.