Turn Your Data Into Insights with Global Trade Visibility 

You worry about analyzing your data – we take care of the rest.

In response to the growing need for better understanding how trade compliance impacts the performance of global supply chains, Global Trade Visibility delivers cloud-based analytics to create a trade compliance driven supply chain by leveraging a global trade network of trading partners and government agencies.

With the Integration Point Global Trade Visibility (GTV) solution, companies can gain instant real-time visibility into global import and export activity. By providing a single, consolidated view of all declaration data, GTV facilitates “Big Data” analysis to identify savings, manage compliance risks and improve supply chain performance.

The Visibility Solution

GTV provides an advanced analytics platform that businesses can use for continuous improvement while staying ahead of an ever-changing regulatory landscape. With GTV, trade data is continually updated, allowing companies to make more informed decisions and measure and manage key performance indicators (KPIs).

Other solutions on the market are not designed for analyzing trade compliance—remaining static in nature and resource-intensive to get up and running. GTV, on the other hand, comes integrated to the network where your data lives and provides out-of-the-box reports and dashboards targeted at gaining insight into trade compliance activities. With GTV, you can begin analyzing data in weeks, not months, leading to a faster Time to Value (TTV).

The Data Challenge: Answered.  

Managing import and export operations for a global company has its challenges, especially when it comes to data. For most companies, trade data resides in disparate internal systems, with various government agencies and across multiple customs brokers and freight forwarders. With limited visibility, companies are forced to make decisions with information that is outdated, inconsistent and incomplete. The result? Businesses cannot answer critical operational questions such as: what is my global duty spend, how are my brokers performing, what free trade agreements are available, what are my areas of risk, how can I lower landed cost and is my trade data accurate and complete?

With GTV, gain visibility into your global trade operations.

GTV Features

The Integration Point Global Trade Visibility solution allows companies to:

  • Create a harmonized, unified view of trade activity across all trade lanes
  • Integrate with our global network of government agencies, brokers and freight forwarders
  • Access 1,000+ out-of-the-box reports built to analyze trade data
  • Use intuitive filters to drill down at the line level detail
  • Use dynamic scorecards to evaluate the health of trade compliance operations
  • Dramatically reduce setup times without involvement from IT
  • Leverage trade data that is continually updated rather than a static, one-time report
  • Base sourcing decisions on available Free Trade Agreements and duty deferral programs
  • Identify compliance discrepancies to minimize risk from enforcement action
  • Leverage integrated trade content for 200+ countries and territories
  • Manage analysis to post-entry review by integrating other Integration Point solutions 


Free Educational Webcast

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Discover Value in Your Trade Compliance Data

Wednesday, July 26, 2017, 2 p.m. - 3 p.m. EDT


  • Virginia Thompson, VP of Product Management, Integration Point
  • Cristina Anderson, LCB Senior Import Compliance Manager, Flowserve

Listen in to hear Cristina Anderson, LCB Senior Import Compliance Manager of Flowserve discuss the ROI of data analytics and how to implement trade compliance strategy. Virginia Thompson, VP of Product Management at Integration Point, will also show how the Global Trade Visibility (GTV) solution allows you to gain complete visibility into your global import and export activity. Join the webcast to see GTV in action.