Just days after President Trump shared his decision to double tariffs on Turkish steel and aluminum, Turkey announced that it will also be imposing retaliatory tariffs of up to 140%.

On Wednesday, the Turkish Official Gazette published the decree of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, which raised tariffs on a wide range of U.S. goods, including cars, rice, alcoholic beverages, tobacco products, cosmetics, and coal. In the case of rice, the rate is 50% of its value, 140% for alcoholic beverages, and 120% for automobiles. Overall, the duties will amount to $533 million.

“It is a reciprocal action against the deliberate attacks by the U.S. administration on our economy,” according to Turkish Vice President Fuat Oktay. The threat of President Erdogan himself to boycott U.S. electronic goods, in particular Apple iPhones, and replace them with South Korean devices is pending.

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