On November 9, Integration Point Director of the Greater China Region, Steve Tian, spoke at the 2018 ICPA China Conference in Shanghai. At the conference, Steve presented on “New Regulation and Implementation of China Pre-Ruling.”

The presentation detailed the basic requirements of the advanced ruling application for the import and export of Chinese goods. The advance rulings system for goods classification in China was first adopted in 2000 as a temporary measure, and was officially adopted in 2007, according to the World Customs Journal. Under the advanced ruling system, the importer/exporter can apply to a regional customs office for an advance ruling for the goods that they intend to import/export up to 45 days before the intended movement date.

Steve considered the present climate of contentious relationships between the U.S. and China and how that affects the predictability of import and export activities. He also outlined the ways in which advanced ruling makes supply chain movement more seamless, and the documentation and qualifications necessary for an applicant to successfully implement advanced ruling. The presentation concluded with a walk-through of advanced ruling customs valuation.

Amid the current trade war and rising tariffs, pre-ruling can facilitate more efficient and compliant movement of goods across Chinese borders, which can make a crucial contribution to your company’s bottom line. To learn more about advanced ruling, please read the comparison of advance ruling systems for tariff classification, published in the World Customs Journal.