Negotiations for the free trade agreement (FTA) between China and Panama move into a third meeting, this time in the Panamanian capital from Tuesday, October 9 to Saturday, October 13.

Issues such as customs processes, rules of origin, intellectual property, sanitary measures, and electronic commerce  have been slowing down progress between negotiators.

On June 12, Panama and China officially announced plans to negotiate a trade agreement in the city of Beijing after one year of diplomatic relations between the two countries. The first round of negotiations was held in Panama City from July 9 to 13.

China's Ambassador to Panama Wei Qiang said, “For the Chinese government, the guiding principle for negotiations is to develop and consolidate bilateral and international ties, to have mutually beneficial cooperation.”

China already has several companies operating in Panama, with Panama acting as a gateway to Latin American trade. Additionally, China is Panama’s third largest export destination, generating over 42 million dollars in 2017 for Panama. The agreement is said to be a “win-win” for both countries.

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