Next week, Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) is hosting the 2019 Customs Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (CTPAT) Conference on “The Path Forward” in San Antonio, Texas. The annual conference hosts hundreds of trade professionals to discuss the latest developments in cargo security, trade processing, and enforcement. Conference speakers share best practices, chronicle lessons learned, identify opportunities, and demonstrate a resolute commitment to solve trade-related challenges.

This year’s conference will be a day of speaking sessions on June 25, followed by a day of workshops on June 26. The keynote address will be delivered by John P. Wagner, Executive Deputy Assistant Commissioner for the Office of Field Operations for CBP.

Conference speaker sessions are expected to include a general status update of the CTPAT program, an address of security risks from an industry point of view and CBP point of view, new international partnerships, and the new Trusted Trader program. Workshop sessions are expected to cover specialized topics such as security breaches, trade-based money laundering, the seaport examination process, and trade compliance.

Although the initial purpose of CTPAT was to fight terrorism within the trade community, their mission has evolved and expanded as a result of developing supply chain threats. Now, the CTPAT program aims to form a worldwide alliance of innovative and expert partners who are dedicated to maintaining an efficient, safe, and secure global trade economy.

The annual CTPAT Conference is for members of the program only, and registration is filled.

To view the conference agenda, click here.