In recent months, the Mexican government has implemented structural reforms that have affected the manner of operation for some IMMEX companies. These changes have appeared gradually and with various dates of entry into force. This has resulted in some confusion for companies trying to understand and implement these changes in their operations. Is your company complying a 100% with the most current provisions of the government of Mexico?

We invite you to join Integration Point and the Competitive Industrial Center on Thursday, November 5, 2015 at 11:00 a.m. Central Time Mexico for a free educational webcast on Mexican regulations.   The presenter Flor Torres, Customs Law & Legal Services Partner with the Competitive Industrial Center, will analyze the different indicators and implement metrics that are recommended for measuring the level of customs compliance for companies IMMEX. In addition, the presenter will cover the topics of as Annex 31 Certification on VAT and IEPS, models audits, customs officials and risk indicators of increased monitoring.
Attendees of the webcast will learn about the following:

  • Credit Management of VAT in SCCCyG
  • Recommendations on the export of goods
  • Renewal and Control Certification on VAT and IEPS
  • Current Control Schemes
  • Risk Indicators and Prevention Strategies

Register here to attend this webcast about “Mexican Regulations and the Annual Measurement Level of Customs Compliance.”