With the recent updates to the tax reform by the Mexican government, businesses utilizing IMMEX will need to perform a series of changes to its operation to acquire and maintain Certification for VAT & IEPS for temporary imports by 30 January 2015.  It is important that companies know the laws and mechanisms through which the Tax Authority shall monitor the Value Added Tax (VAT) generated by the temporary imports, in order to avoid falling into non-compliance that can bring expensive costs to IMMEX companies.

Register for this free, one-hour webinar presented by Integration Point and Flor Torres, Partner, Customs Law & Legal Services in Competitive Industrial Center on January 27, 2015 at 11:00 am (Mexico Central Time). During this webinar, presented in Spanish, Torres will discuss strategies for the Maquiladora Industry on reporting the initial inventory and reporting of releases with reliability, as well as ways to avoid situations of risk arising from the import and export of inputs and fixed assets.

Topics covered will include :

  • Strategies to maintain the Certification for VAT & IEPS
  • Annex 31 - Legal and operational scheme
  • Report Of Initial Inventory
  • Report By Downloads
  • Validation of Annex 24

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