British Prime Minister Theresa May reached a “collective” agreement with the cabinet on how the United Kingdom could potentially carry out a smooth Brexit.

May had gathered the twenty-six cabinet ministers at her private country residence for over twelve hours to discuss the future relationship of the UK and EU post-Brexit.  A common position was finally reached, now two years after the referendum.

“This is a proposal that I believe will be good for the UK and good for the EU, and I look forward to it being received positively,” said May.

Key items in the ministerial agreement include:

  • Maintaining a “common rulebook” for all goods with the EU after Brexit on March 29, 2019
  • Forming a free trade area that would allow goods and agricultural products to move across borders without delays
  • Establishing a “join institutional framework” to interpret UK-EU agreements
  • Treating the borders between the UK and EU as a “combined customs territory”
  • Ending the free movement of people between the UK and EU and instead creating a “mobility framework” to allow UK and EU citizens to travel and apply for study and work

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