Tuesday, May 9 at 3 p.m. CEST/9 a.m. EDT 

John Grayston, EU Regulatory Lawyer and Owner of Grayston & Company

What does the United Kingdom’s invocation of Article 50 mean for global trade as the country leaves the European Union and begins a two-year process to negotiate conditions to leave? The publication of a series of documents by the UK in late March 2017 has given almost total clarification of the nature of the relationship the UK will have with the European Union post Brexit. This publication has allowed companies to see, for the first time since June 2016, what the future will mean for them and how to plan accordingly.

In this webcast, John Grayston from Grayston & Company will discuss and review:

  • The critical elements that will make up the UK’s approach post Brexit
  • Customs, export control, and sanction case studies to illustrate the effect on global trade

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