Charlotte, NC, USA – March 14, 2019 – BYTON, an electric vehicle (EV) startup headquartered in Nanjing, China, has announced their partnership with Thomson Reuters ONESOURCE Global Trade, powered by Integration Point. With the increased market access and improved import and export management offered by ONESOURCE Global Trade, BYTON plans to grow their business footprint worldwide.

BYTON entered into the EV market in 2016 with the intent to push the boundaries of mobility through digital transformation. After recruiting staff from a range of international companies and premiering their first EV concept in January 2018, BYTON set their sights on mass production and a tentative 2020 release date into U.S. and China markets. Along with ERP deployment at a brand new manufacturing facility, BYTON prioritized implementing a cloud-based customs operating system to streamline their import and export processes and maintain compliance in the constantly evolving trade environment.

ONESOURCE Global Trade’s “single trade compliance platform is the only solution in the marketplace with built-in global trade management (GTM), duty deferral, trade data, government connectivity, and Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) that covers trading regions across the globe,” says Linda He, the Global Trade Leader for the BYTON logistics team. She continues, “The import and export modules will help BYTON to standardize and automate the internal operation and record keeping processes. As a startup company, the ease of accessibility allows us to quickly find information on customs requirements and costs internationally, which guides our decision making and keeps us competitive.”

Although BYTON headquarters operate out of Nanjing, they also hold a site in Hong Kong, operate a concept and prototype site in Germany, and now a North American intelligence headquarters in Silicon Valley. The global nature of the company and the intent to enter automotive Chinese products into the global market create a potential for expensive customs duties. Steve Tian, Director of the Greater China Region for Thomson Reuters ONESOURCE Global Trade, says “For BYTON, efficient management of customs duties, China import permits, and lead-time is critical to the both manufacturing demand and the customer. ONESOURCE Global Trade’s cloud-based solutions streamline these processes and enables successful trade management, which will facilitate a seamless introduction of the BYTON product into global markets.”


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Turning the car into the next-generation smart device requires combined forces right from the start. One driver of change are the automotive engineers, who are constantly opening up innovative forms of mobility with new technologies. Similarly important are the computing experts who are pushing the boundaries of mobility through digital transformation. Never before have both these drivers of change been so effectively united in a single company. At BYTON automobiles and digital literacy are equally at home with each other.