The European Union and United Kingdom continue affirming that they want to reach an agreement for Brexit in the next few weeks. "We're working to the October deadline," Prime Minister May's spokesman, Greg Swift, told reporters in London on Tuesday. "Both sides have agreed to increase the pace of negotiations. That's what we're doing."

But behind the scenes, they recognize that it is highly improbable with the negotiations progressing slower than they hoped. Now the EU and U.K. are considering granting a few more days until mid-November at the latest.

The EU summit, which begins on October 18, was set as the deadline after the initial goal of June 2017 came and went without an agreement. This longer term is another indication that negotiators are experiencing difficulties moving forward. The risk is that the closer the negotiations approach the exit from the U.K. on March 29, 2019, the greater the possibility that there will be no agreement.

The November deadline would require the EU to convene an emergency summit during that month, but according to an EU official, there is no firm plan to do so.

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