After almost two years of contentious negotiations, the European Union and the United Kingdom have drafted a withdrawal agreement. The 585-page agreement details the regulations of the transition period for both sides after the UK exits the EU in March of 2019.

The deal aims to avoid a hard border between the UK and the EU, but several clauses within the agreement have proven controversial. One of the central points of dispute is the Irish border “backstop,” or the proposed solution to the fear of a hard border between EU member Ireland and Northern Ireland, which is part of the UK.

On November 8, Daniel Earnst, as part of the Global Solutions group for Integration Point, gave an interview on “The State of Global Trade in the Automotive Industry.” Daniel’s interview covered the effects of the ever-changing regulations landscape on the automotive industry.

In the interview, Daniel detailed the many possible impacts of Section 301 and other retaliatory tariffs on the automotive supply chain. He also considered how the implementation of USMCA and movement away from NAFTA will change the automotive industry. Finally, he highlighted the benefits of using Global Trade Management (GTM) software, such as Integration Point, to mitigate the harmful impacts of tariff changes.

In an increasingly uncertain global logistics arena, is your company ready for a new era of complexity and risk?

This Tuesday, November 13, our VP of Global Markets Kevin Shoemaker will be joining American Shipper’s Managing Editor Ben Meyer and MercuryGate International’s Carla Zubko to discuss “Managing Transportation Through Today’s Trade Uncertainty.”