The United States and China escalated the trade war when both parties implemented punitive tariffs of 25% on goods valued at $16 billion.

The last round brings the value of imports subject to tariffs by both countries since the beginning of July to a total of $50 billion. And there are even more tariffs pending. U.S. President Trump had previously threatened to impose duties on nearly all of the $500+ billion in Chinese goods exported annually to the U.S. unless China agrees to certain trade concessions, such as overhauling its intellectual property practices.

On July 12, Integration Point held a free webcast on “Incoterms: Rules of Engagement.” We discussed the meaning of each term and where responsibility is placed both from a transportation and Customs perspective, as well as best practices to minimize risks and costs.

During the webcast, some questions were unanswered due to time constraints. Our speaker, Jenae Ciecko, President of Copper Hill Inc., will answer them here.